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25 Des 2012

Super Hero or Heroes of eradication of corruption. ?

Well this time I want to post something rather seriously, as the title above actually what is more in need, or Heroes Super Heroes eradication of corruption. ?
Many children now or maybe a teenager who wants to think like Superman or Spiderman to fight crime and help the weak with the strength superclass.Actually it's not wrong, when we have the ability to so reasonable we help the people who need our help.But we need to know what is the source of that crime. ?If we know the right things, we might be thinking about a more sensible way to eradicate crime completely.According to Aristotle source of crime is poverty, poverty produces crime and rebellion,and according to Thomas Aquinas There is the influence of the Crime of Poverty.Well how about all the comrades. ?? What was your thinking on how to combat crime. ?In my mind it is a crime to remove how to remove the source, the poverty that was. .We know, our beloved country Indonesia is a RICH country, Natural Resources (SDA) were abundant, but the fact that we see too many poor people in this rich country. .Let's dig a little coverage in the media, what is the news which is always on and always comes up. .Has it occurred to you. ?Yupz, very clear. !! that always comes up is about the corruption cases. .Indonesia's wealth is stolen by greedy people who will treasure, Take a right that does not belong to enrich himself without looking down where so very many people eat only once per day did not even eat for days, had to sleep under bridge in the absence of a place to stay.Would not it have corruptors Conscience, when they berpoya-Poya with money that is not theirs while many sweaty people working just for a bite of rice. .So, of course we need now is a hero eradication of corruption. .If this country is really rich, declining unemployment and crime certainly would be decreased. .If anyone ever watch Korean drama "City Hunter" may indeed such a way that can be done in Indonesia today.Karna less strict law enforcement, so many corruptors feel comfortable and also because it seemed the chain of corruption that has no end of the country to great-grandparents or senior who has terendahpun corruption.Vice god on this earth (Judges) who take bribes must be given a punishment as severe,.Hmmm. . Hopefully there is going to be the future Hero of Anti-Corruption, which can take action against the corrupt Firm. .For now thumb LAH for the Commission, may be able to reveal cases of corruption and crack down specifically. .Matipun appropriate punishment for the corrupt is it. .Post it deh enough, even so the high voltage discuss about this. .Hmm,, OK. .Hopefully this little graffiti,Let the younger generation, struggle and spirit.Not yet pessimistic, there is still time to fix all, before the country is completely destroyed. .Fix yourself each with a maximum. !!The spirit ....!!

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